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Anarchy Reigns
Xbox 360/PS3
The modern kings of weird and gritty video games reside at Platinum Studios, known for fighting titles like Bayonetta and MadWorld. As the name of their latest offering suggests, things don’t get any calmer this time, thanks in part to the addition of a frenetic four-player combat system. Team up to fight hundreds of baddies or square off in four-fighter arenas full of weapons and screen-filling maneuvers of pain.
(Available July 3)

Darksiders II
Xbox 360/PS3/PC
With the 2010 debut of Darksiders, developer THQ delivered an adventure in the vein of Zelda, though less family-friendly. Now THQ has dipped back into their murky pool to release a bigger, more powerful and more customizable quest that seeks to answer critics of the first edition. It’s darker, too, considering this sequel puts players in control of a scythe-wielding Death himself.
(Available Aug. 14)

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