Few folks will forget the pairs figure-skating competition that catapulted Canadian gold medalists Jamie Salé, 25, and David Pelletier, 28, into the international spotlight and put quite a twist on the 2002 Winter Olympic Games. Flash-forward, and you’ll find the duo still skating strong with the Smucker’s Stars on Ice.

AW: How is Smucker’s Stars on Ice different than other touring shows?
We think it’s the best-produced figure-skating production in America. The show offers us a terrific opportunity to express ourselves creatively with great choreography, ensemble numbers, and world-class lighting, staging, and costumes.

AW: You’ve got the Ray Charles Tribute on Ice coming up. Are you fans?
He is very well-known and well-respected in Canada, and we are honored and privileged to have an opportunity to skate to his music while he performs it.
AW: What doors have opened for you now that you’ve won gold?
In addition to a number of skating and endorsement opportunities, we’ve had the chance to meet many wonderful people whom we’ve always looked up to or have only heard or read about.
AW: Describe a typical day.
JS and DP:
Our day starts at 7 a.m. We spend three hours training on the ice, and then an additional hour training off of it (weights, etc.). Then we try to get in some fun! We enjoy golfing together, going to movies, spending time with our families, having barbecues, and really just being homebodies because we are away so much. — J.E.M.