Those Harvard grads, they can keep it in order. Mitjans chose Harvard for the following reasons: "School reputation, executive success after graduation, method of teaching (the Socratic method vs. traditional classroom learning) - in that order."
Favorite classes? Strategic marketing, entrepreneurial finance, and serv­ice management. "It's no coincidence that all three of those courses play a large role in what I do today for ADP TotalSource."
Where would she be without that MBA? "I cannot imagine being as effective in my role without having the MBA experience. In a service industry like ours, being able to differentiate your company from the competition and understand what drives customer buying behavior is critical. Harvard MBA's approach to case study allowed me to play CEO or sen­ior executive in more than 1,200 different business scenarios, using many of the skills I use today in my day-to-day job."
Case study, right. That was no. 3 on Mitjans' list. But Socrates didn't know every­thing. "The case-study method isn't as effective for some of the more 'technical' courses like financial modeling."
Bottom-line recommendation for prospective MBAs. Is it worth it? Let's be brief. "Absolutely."

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University of Chicago, '68

Current position:
Chairman of the Board of Direc­tors, DeVry Inc.
The company: DeVry's nationwide network of private universities includes the eponymous DeVry schools, as well as the Keller Graduate School of Management, which offers MBAs. The publicly traded company has about 49,000 students at its 69 locations and has a market cap of $1.83 billion.