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Respected golf instructor Stan Utley is known as a short-game guru, but his insights apply to every aspect of the game. In his new book, The Art of the Swing: Short Game Swing-Sequencing Secrets That Will Improve Your Total Game in 30 Days (Gotham Books, $26), Utley illustrates common problems and offers solutions for golfers looking to lower their scores. American Way chatted with Utley about the book and the game.

American Way: The format of your book is anything but traditional.
Stan Utley: It’s a multimedia product with smartphone technology links that take you directly to instructional videos. You can see, watch and hear the lessons all at the same time. We all learn differently, so this is a great benefit.
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AW: One of the key points in the book is the difference between form and sequence. What does that mean?
SU: Form refers to things like grip, stance and balance. Sequence refers to the order the parts move in. A lot of times, people will think they have poor form, when in fact it’s their sequencing that’s off.

AW: Can you give us an example of how sequencing comes into play?
SU: Take putting. Oftentimes, when a student tells me he is having trouble with distance control, what I notice is that in his backswing, he’s swinging the handle and the club head the same distance, which prevents him from creating the proper momentum in the head itself.

AW: And similar sequencing concepts apply to the full swing too?
SU: Absolutely. A lot of times, players think they’re coming over the top on the downswing, but it’s really just that their arms are too slow to come down.

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