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Temperatures — and your air-conditioning bill — are soaring. Your local Cineplex is packed with budget-busting blockbusters. And your kids have taken up residence in your swimming pool. Yep, it’s summertime, all right. But don’t let these warm-weather months pass you by without making the most of them. Here are three books designed to help you maximize your triple-digit merriment.

Going Yard: The Ultimate Guide for Major League Baseball Stadium Road Trips
By Stan Fridstein (CreateSpace, $15)
A lifelong baseball fan, Stan Fridstein penned this invaluable resource after finding none
all-encompassing enough to help plan the perfect ballpark pilgrimage. The book includes tips on which area hotels to stay at, which concession stands serve the best food and how to secure private tours at each of the 30 major league stadiums.

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Scoop: 125 Specialty Ice Creams from the Nation’s Best Creameries

By Ellen Brown (Running Press, $20)
July is national ice cream month, and what better way to celebrate than by indulging in spoonful after spoonful of the frozen sweet treat? Veteran food writer Ellen Brown takes you on a culinary tour of the best creameries in the country and provides a plethora of at-home recipes so you can make mouthwatering desserts of your own.

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The Stargazer’s Guide to the Night Sky

By Dr. Jason Lisle (New Leaf Publishing Group, $35)
Long summer days give way to warm, inviting nights, and when you’re spending time outdoors after sunset, you’re bound to see a few stars dotting the sky. But how can you identify what exactly you’re seeing? This guide, written by a scientist/planetarium director, gives information and lessons that are easy for the whole family to understand.