Beats the Heck Out of a $20 Wine Rack

It’s billed as a “must for the luxury home,” and for a mere $35,000, it could be all yours. Granted, you’d better have plenty of extra space lying around somewhere for this roughly eight-foot-deep, nine-foot-wide, seven-foot-high stainless steel box. But space and money constraints aside, GE’s new Monogram Wine Vault is nothing short of a wine collector’s dream come true. Designed to store your bottles in a secure, temperature-controlled environment, the vault comes with a Cellar Management System — i.e., an electronic inventory system sporting a 15-inch color touch screen, a bar-code scanner, and a label printer — which allows you to locate bottles in mere seconds, indicates when wines are at their peak, and stores prices, tasting notes, and whatever other details you want to add for any of the 1,100 bottles you decide to store. Like we said … it’s a wine collector’s dream come true.