Seems like you can’t turn on the tube these days without hearing a cool new song from a buzzworthy band. Here are some of our recent favorites.

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, “Spread Your Love”
Album: B.R.M.C. (2001)
Featured in: The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas hotel ad
This hotel boasts that its mix of sexy, pouty people and adorable puppy invasions are “the right amount of wrong,” but the buzzy guitar of this San Francisco garage-rock outfit is all kinds of right.

Amos the Transparent, “After All That, It’s Come to This”
Album: Everything I’ve Forgotten to Forget (2007)
Featured in: ad
The dating site illustrates its “Your Other Half Is Waiting” tagline with split-screen shots of two would-be lovers — solitarily waiting for the subway, playing with their food and seeing a movie — and this tender, heart-tugging duet.

The Go! Team, “The Power Is On”
Album: Thunder, Lightning, Strike (2005)
Featured in: NFL’s Play 60 Ad
You likely found yourself doing the same thing as the bus-boarded kids and Atlanta Falcons players, coaches and mascot featured in this ad: bobbing your head to this instantly catchy and invigorating tune.