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MagNext 360° Case Build your child’s imagination with this portable 100-piece, magnetic building set. $60, www.walmart.com

SpongeBob SquarePants Eyeball MP3 Dock with Speakers Take SpongeBob’s eyes (a.k.a. speakers) out of their sockets and watch them wiggle and shake to the beat of the music. $40, www.toysrus.com

WALL•E A heartwarming tale with lessons on love, recycling, and nutrition. $30, www.amazon.com

Baby’s First Bowling Set It’s never too early to learn. $25, www.onestepahead.com

LittleMissMatched KnitWit Ditterwit This little guy is artistic and likes painting, singing, and playing music. (Wait until you meet the other three.) $25, www.littlemissmatched.com

Smart Builders Piano Combines piano playing with buildable song, beat, and instrument blocks. $35, www.target.com