The evil editor who put author Lauren Weisberger on the map returns in her new book, Revenge Wears Prada.

Between the book that people every­where read and the movie that even more people saw, The Devil Wears Prada was a monster hit — a fact that surprised no one more than first-time author Lauren Weisberger. Mirroring Weisberger’s own experience assisting infamous Vogue magazine editrix Anna Wintour, the story of Andy Sachs, an aspiring journalist who happened into an unrewarding job at a fashion magazine, began as a project for Weisberger’s ­creative-writing class and ultimately turned into a cultural phenomenon no one could have anticipated.

“I was 25 when the book came out, and I had no idea what to expect,” she recalls. Happily, demand was high for more from the promising young author — a blessing that weighed heavily on her shoulders. “I remember feeling a tremendous amount of pressure for my sophomore effort ­[Everyone Worth Knowing],” Weisberger says. “But I learned your books are like your children: They’re never the same, but you love them all.”

Still, Weisberger knew there was more of ­Andy’s story to tell. So after completing her fourth book, Last Night at Chateau Marmont, she approached her publisher with the idea for a sequel. In bookstores this month, 10 years ­after the original­ best-seller swept the nation, ­Revenge Wears Prada: The Devil Returns (Simon & ­Schuster, $26) finds protagonist Andy engaged and running a high-fashion bridal magazine of her own. But her burgeoning career sets her on a collision course with none other than her dreaded ex-employer, Miranda Priestly.

Though Weisberger has remained tight-lipped about the plot to prevent any spoilers, she will cop to a karmic reversal for her two main characters. As anxious as fans of the original are to see how the tale plays out, Weisberger is equally as excited to get her book into their hands. “While I completely and wholly avoid the feedback that is on the Internet, getting out to the bookstores and meeting the readers and hearing what the average man or woman has to say — that’s where it’s at for me,” she says.

As for the possibility of a Revenge Wears Prada movie, it’s just too soon to tell. But Weisberger is certainly amenable to the idea. “I know authors don’t always love the movies that are based on their books,” she says, “but I thought the Prada movie was phenomenally well done.”

If fans of the franchise get their way, Revenge may be even sweeter.