Dust mites, mold spores and pollen, beware! The new SONICLEAN VT PLUS S-200 VACUUM not only whisks away surface dirt, it dislodges and removes microscopic particles such as allergens embedded deep within carpets. Along with its sleek and stylish upright design (including the ability to lie flat to reach beneath furniture), the Soniclean stands out from other top-tier vacuums for its use of a sonic bar that produces 200 vibrations per second, digging out things like ground-in dirt and difficult-to-get pet hair. The Soniclean is lightweight, energy-efficient (it uses less than half the energy of traditional vacuum motors) and even includes a fragrance-dispensing system so that it remains smelling fresh. Last but not least, it boasts sophisticated jam-sensor technology that prevents it from sucking up stray socks and the like. So, instead of becoming clogged, the Soniclean simply turns off, keeping its drive belt — and your wardrobe — intact. $200, www.mysoniclean.com