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Forget boxes — the newest packaging trend to hit wine is the aluminum can. Francis Ford Coppola started it in 2004, offering the sparkling Sofia Blanc de Blancs in pop-top cans that were perfect for summer picnics. The Infinite Monkey Theorem winery in Denver followed suit last year, offering Sparkling Black Muscat in cans; it’s been flying off the shelves. The most recent entry is Flasq red (merlot), white (chardonnay) and blue (cuvée blanc), offered in twist-cap aluminum “bottles” that hold roughly two glasses’ worth each. The California wines’ flavor is protected from barrel to glass by a special interior coating that prevents the wine from coming into contact with the aluminum. And the advantages of the containers are numerous: It prevents light shock, it’s more portable and chills five times faster than glass (keeping wine colder longer), and it reduces the carbon footprint of the wine’s production by 35 percent. Bottoms up! www.flasqwines.com