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I tried to avoid adding the social-networking site Facebook.com to my life, but finally the invitations from friends won out. I signed up. And it’s a pretty sure bet that at some point you will too. As of mid-November, there were 57 million active Facebook users — and more than half the group had already moved past their college years. So what are they doing on there? For starters, playing Scrabulous. And they’re using plenty of other adult-friendly applications too.

It’s the heart of Facebook, the place where you can find other users on the site. After searching through a couple of pages of people who’d graduated from high school with me, I got back in touch with a friend I hadn’t talked to in 20 years. That alone was worth all the time I’ve wasted on the site (which is, unfortunately, a lot). And Friend Finder is a dandy networking tool as well.

While there are plenty of Facebook games that, quite frankly, my adult mind just doesn’t get — I have no desire to pass a virtual hot potato around— I’m completely enamored of Scrabulous, an online version of Scrabble. It’s a great way to challenge myself while I take mini-breaks from work. At the moment, I have 10 games going. Pathetic? Sure. But it’s better than just obsessively checking my e-mail inbox whenever I want to procrastinate.

I’m always on the hunt for a great new book, and this app lets me check out what my friends are reading and find out what they think of those books. Likewise, I can pass along the titles of my favorite reads.

This one’s especially for road warriors and anybody who wants to show off their well-traveled life. Instead of sticking pins into a map on your wall, stick virtual pins into this online map and show off all the places you’ve visited. The one who has the most pins wins — and is the envy of everybody who knows him or her.

I snap pics wherever I go. While it’s been a while — okay, never — sinceI last invited friends over for a slideshow of my travels, I now dazzle them daily with a new photo from my collection.