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Necessity often is the mother of invention, but some things are created just because they’re cool. Take Dual Snowboards, an exciting innovation in alternative winter sports.

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True to their name, dual snowboards come in pairs. Instead of strapping your feet to a single plank, you bind them to separate miniboards, then attack the slopes with a heightened sense of freedom.

A hybrid sport, dual snowboarding draws on the best of two worlds. It uses the same body positioning as snowboarding, surfing and skateboarding, yet it still allows for the flexibility and forward mobility that skiers enjoy. Unlike skiing, though, there’s no need to haul around unwieldy poles. And unlike snowboarding, you can walk in your gear and maneuver through lift lines. You also don’t have to unlatch your bindings to ride back to the top.

Although dual snowboards accommodate an expert’s X Games interests — the sky’s the limit when it comes to extreme tricks — they also were designed with beginners in mind. By allowing your body to move naturally, the equipment enables quick and comparatively safe learning, with fewer sudden and awkward falls and, even better, dual snowboards are compatible with all boots and bindings.