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Pay homage to earth, wind, fire and water with nature-inspired outdoor accessories. Constructed to weather the very elements they evoke, these items will add fresh style to any open-air space.

1. OLIVE JARS / Oversize olive jars in earthy tones capture the essence of relics dug from ancient ruins. $129 to $189, www.crateandbarrel.com

2. TRANQUIL PARADISE HAMMOCK / You’ll swear you hear the ocean when you’re relaxing in this hammock inspired by the vibrant hues of a Bali sunset. $98, www.anthropologie.com

3. TURF PILLOWS / They’re as green as grass. Wait. They are grass! Tossed among your existing cushions, these whimsical artificial turf pillows will certainly bring a smile. $89, www.grandinroad.com

4. RIVER ROCK STEPPING STONES / Smooth river rock stones set on PVC backing bring the calm of a clear stream to any garden path. $35 for a set of three, www.plowhearth.com

5. BRANCH BOWL / Adorn a patio table with this unusual bowl formed with silvery, intertwining branches that remind us of an airy bird’s nest. $60, www.zgallerie.com

6. WILLOW CANDLE HOLDER / Intriguing both night and day, five feet of wrought-iron willows balance 10 glass tea-light holders within their graceful boughs. $299, www.frontgate.com