Good things still come in small packages — in fact, these might make your day.

With these digitally enhanced headsets, almost anything — MP3s, CDs, Internet telephony, even taped speeches — comes through without a whisper of static. But this set isn’t just for listeners. An adjustable microphone and voice recognition software let you dictate notes and letters (or maybe Chapter One of your memoirs?).

Just when you thought optical mouses made pads obsolete, Mysmart appears with this baby. Program in the addresses of nine of your favorite cyber-hangouts, and then go there with just the push of a button. Plus, a built-in smart card means you don’t have to be — it keeps track of your passwords, credit card numbers, and billing information. Mysmart also offers its own ad-free ISP for $9.95 a month.

C-PEN 800 ($199)
It’s lighter than your tire gauge, but it scans and stores up to 3,000 pages of text. Just swipe and download the info to a PC, laptop, or Palm. The 8MB memory also holds up to 1,000 names and addresses, a personal calendar, and an alarm function. Should the need arise, use the 800 to send mini-messages through a Global Standard Mobile phone. (877) 275-2736