Snowboard: Never Summer Premier t5
$465; (303) 320-1813 or

Though it's as stable as the mountain you're riding, the Premier T5 maintains straight-razor responsiveness, thanks to a generous sidecut radius and lively wood core. It's the perfect board for ripping long, arcing, high-speed turns; still, it's versatile enough for the occasional powder foray.

The Mountain: Cannon, New Hampshire
(603) 823-8800 or

Legendary among East Coast speed demons for its uncrowded, impeccably groomed slopes and relentlessly steep pitch. If it's good enough for double-medal Olympian Bode Miller (he grew up and lives in nearby Franconia), it's good enough for us.

Skier/Rider Profile: Sick of being force-fed gear designed for the testosterone set. Knows that "unisex" is exactly that: designed for one gender, and it's not hers.

Ski: Dynastar Exclusive 9 ($525; 802-764-6400 or
Designed to put lighter skiers in a position that delivers more pressure to the tip for greater control and better turn initiation, the Exclusive 9 is an eager-but-easy carver. It's also extremely smooth over choppy snow, and with an integrated shoulder pad for painless carrying, makes getting to the slopes almost as comfy as flying down them.