The name says it all. With a tip-to-tail durable wood core, hardy sintered base, and firm, even flex pattern, Winterstick's All Mountain is the perfect companion to your snowy exploits. It's not the most eager turner on hard surfaces, but everywhere else, it simply rips.

The Mountain: Jay Peak, Vermont
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Though it's located in the perennially icy northeast, Jay Peak is a bit of an anomaly. In fact, Jay regularly receives more snow than most western resorts. Too, the terrain is wonderfully varied, with groomers, glades, and pristine backcountry aplenty.

Skier/Rider Profile: Favorite lullaby is the sound of wind whistling in your ears; favorite sight is anything blurred by speed. Spends majority of the winter on well-groomed slopes with minimal traffic.
Gear Profile: Stiff boards for tenacious edge hold on hard surfaces at speed. Plenty of sidecut for responsive turning.

Ski: Salomon Crossmax 10 Pilot
$1,195, bindings included; (877) 272-5666 or

One of a new generation of ski/binding systems, Salomon's Crossmax 10 Pilot is engineered for the rigors of Skiercross, a frenetic racing event in which multiple competitors do battle over a course littered with jumps, icy turns, and unforgiving steeps. You may not be so keen to risk your neck (or any other body part); fortunately, the Crossmax displays its remarkable edge hold and "riding on rails" responsiveness at saner speeds, too.