Skier/Rider Profile: You'd quit your job for just one trip to the White Room, where the snow is so light and deep that up could be down, right could be left, and the only way to sort it out is to keep charging into the void.
Gear Profile: When is it good to be soft and fat? When you're a pure powder ski or board. Wide, soft designs provide easy-turning flotation for deep snow.

Ski: Atomic Big Daddy
$875; (800) 258-5020 or

With a shovel width of 133mm, Atomic's Big Daddy is so fat it could probably qualify for a scholarship to Weight Watchers. Even the waist is a beefy 107mm; that's wider than most skis' shovels. These portly dimensions create planks that float like butterflies and sting like, well, actually, the Big Daddy isn't about sting. It's about deep snow, steep slopes, and maybe, just maybe, quitting your job.

Snowboard: Burton Fish
$470; (800) 881-3138 or

Designed by Terje Haakonsen, a young Norwegian who's constantly pushing the boundaries of possible, Burton's Fish snorkels through deep snow with the greatest of ease. The tapered design generates maximum float and control, and two distinct flex patterns ensure a precise weight-to-flex ratio.

The Mountain: Grand Targhee, Wyoming