It’s in the female genetic code to always be prepared — take packing an extra pair of glasses when traveling, for example. You know, just in case. But on the rare chance you don’t and a mishap strikes — say, someone sits on your glasses — what do you do? Turn to Rivet & Sway, an online retailer of women’s glasses, to save the day. Current Rivet & Sway customers can call or send an email to request a replacement pair, which will arrive wherever you are in two business days via FedEx, guaranteed, for $199 inclusive. For new customers, visit the company’s website to choose your frames. If you don’t have your prescription handy, you only need to provide your doctor’s contact information. Rivet & Sway will get your prescription straight from the source. Either way, your frames, complete with ultrathin, lightweight, high-index prescription lenses and scratch-resistant and glare-free coatings, will arrive within five business days for the same cost.