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For up-to-the-minute chic, keep it simple with the perfect flip-flop. The look? Cleopatra meets the elegantly artsy Sienna Miller with jewel-and-sequin-accented thongs. Guys should keep it polished and basic: Best bets are leather or retro-rubber footgear.

Men’s Lacoste rubber flip-flops (below), $38,
at Kitson, (310) 859-2652, www.shopkitson.com

Men’s Teva Talcott flip-flops, $30, www.teva.com

Men’s Adidas Leucadian flip-flops, $20, www.adidas.com

Women’s Dolce Vita jeweled thongs (below), $68, at Kitson, www.shopkitson.com

Women’s Old Navy Skinny Ribbon flip-flops,
$5.25, www.oldnavy.com

Women’s Rocketdog Sante thongs, $36, www.zappos.com