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After reading the December 15 edition of Editor's Note, titled "How the Geek Stole the Ed Note," I had to write. My thoughts can be summed up as follows: YES, WES! I, too, have often wondered about the frequency of the pronounI in Sherri Burns's column. And - I'll risk starting a sentence with a conjunction here - it seems only right that the final analysis was done by someone with whom I have so much in common. I, too, am a geek/dweeb/IT drone, traveling across the country installing computers, so it is rare that I miss Sherri's column (and her abuse of the first-person pronoun)! So, here's my challenge to Ms. Burns: I dare you to write a column without a single incidence of the I. Come on, let's see what you're made of!
Matthew Osgood, Dallas, Texas

Dear Matthew: I attempted to construct a "Sherri's Ed. Note Simulator," which would randomly ­build an Editor's Note by pulling quotations from her previous columns while filtering out sentences heavy with first-person pronouns. Sadly, the results showed that, with the filter enabled, there was just too small a sample to work from. - Wes "the Geek" Besio

As a weekly traveler, I am always excited when the new issue ofAmerican Way is available. I have even beenknown to steal the magazine from a neighboring seat pocket when Idon't see one in my own seat pocket. Having grown up in Rockford, Illinois, I was very excited about your article featuring Felicity Huffman and Chicago in the January 1 issue. I have been to Chicago many times, and it is one of my all-time favorite cities. I now live in Madison, Wisconsin, which I also love, but nothing quite compares to Chicago. One place that I was sad to see left unmentioned by Ms. Huffman, and which, in my opinion, is the best draw in all of Chicago, is Garrett Popcorn Shops. There are ­several locations, but the original (and best) is located at 670 North Michigan Avenue. There is often a line to get into the store that extends well past an adjacent storefront or two. One reason is that the store itself is very small, and the mere fact that you make it to the front door doesn't mean you have almost reached the front of the line! Ask anyone in line and they will tell you that Garrett is well worth the wait. The Caramel Crisp is unbelievable, and it's made fresh in the store as you wait. Try the Caramel Crisp alone or a combo of Caramel Crisp and Cheese Corn. There is nothing like it. If you haven't tried this Chicago treat, you're missing out. Thanks, as always, for providing your travelers with a great magazine!
Kristi Hackenmiller, Madison, Wisconsin

Dear Kristi: We do appreciate the yummy-­sounding tip. Do they show movies too?

I want to pass along my appreciation for such an uncommonly satisfying in-flight magazine. After reading your December 15 issue cover to cover, I was particularly struck by two excellent pieces of journalism: the interview with Ed Norton regarding­ his experiences in China ["Off the Beaten Path"] and the most impressive article on the unseen night haunts of London ["Brightening the Dark"]. It is rare that such insightful, creative, daring travel writing finds its way onto the pages of an in-flight publication. I can confidently say that your publication flies high above the rest. I commended you for setting the bar higher by publishing articles that are unique and intriguing.
Sean Keithly, Seattle, Washington

Dear Sean: We do our best to push that bar higher with each issue. Alas, with all the time spent trying to keep Sherri Burns's massive ego out of her Editor's Note, it's a constant struggle. But with Wes's help - and your encouragement -there is still hope.

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