David Giesbrecht/Fox

The Following star dishes on his favorite Brooklyn haunts.

Most fans know him best as Iceman from the X-Men franchise, but these days, Shawn Ashmore’s settling into Brooklyn as agent Mike Weston on Fox’s smash hit The Following, which recently headed into its second season. So what can we expect from season two? “It’s New York, so people can expect the same thrill ride they got in the first season — it’s even more intense,” says Ashmore, who calls Brooklyn’s Park Slope home these days. “Living and working in New York is like nowhere else. Every neighborhood has its own culture.” Here, the actor takes American Way on a culinary tour of his favorite borough, Brooklyn.

369 7th Ave.

“Talde is definitely at the top of my list whenever anyone visits. It’s an Asian-fusion vibe, and the food is absolutely incredible. I took my brother there when he visited, and we had the Korean fried rice with kimchee, which is just insane.”
John Von Pamer

348 Flatbush Ave.

“They have this spicy meatball pizza that’s my go-to. But if you go, definitely check out the specials. The last time I went, they had this mafalde pasta with a lamb ragu that was amazing. It’s just so good. Oh, and definitely get the roasted sweet potatoes. It seems like a strange combination on the page, but it works.”

97A Hoyt St.

“This is one of the first places­ I poked my head into when I moved to Brooklyn. I was just looking for a New York bagel because that’s what you do in New York City. But instead, I found a little piece of home — that would be Canada — in the heart of Brooklyn. The Mile End Deli is known for its Montreal bagels, meat sandwiches and even poutine. And apparently, it’s pretty well known. But I discovered it by accident and was totally floored. And these days, it’s my home away from home.”