Which beaches can we find you at? It depends on what I want to do. I've always liked all of the fun things on Muscle Beach and Venice Beach, and there's a place on Muscle Beach that still has rings and balance beams. And that's a lot of fun. Just recently, I was down there playing around in the rings and seeing if I could still get up and stand in the rings, which is just fantastic. There's a parking lot just off Rose. You can drive straight down and park right on the beach. When Roan was little and now with Laird, I like to go down there, and they fall asleep in their car seats. I like to drive down in that parking lot and put all of the windows down in the car and sit and look at the ocean. Babies love that. They love that ocean air. That's their favorite place to take a nap in the car. You can walk on the beach there, and there are swing sets, and there's a health-food restaurant right across from the sand, and there's a good place you can sit and have a salad and a cappuccino. And you can always pick up funny scarves and T-shirts.

Okay, where do you go for the municipal meal of Los Angeles: lunch? I like a restaurant called Lucques, named after the Lucques olive. Very cool, and they have women chefs who are quite talented. That restaurant, too, has a fireplace, which is always a big draw for me. They have both garden dining and indoor dining, again, with big booths that can seat six people. It's very intimate, and they have - which is something that's very important to me - waiters who have chosen to be waiters, who find it to be an elegant and worthy profession. And I think that's wonderful, in that European fashion that makes dining so rewarding.

The city's known for its major league shops - and shoppers. Where do you like to shop? I love Hermès. And then, of course, I love furniture. I'm a complete furniture fanatic. Right now, I'm redoing the bathroom and kitchen, so you can't get me out of Waterworks or Ferguson's. [Mimi and I] like to go to secondhand-clothing stores, and she's big on the flea market scene. We float around looking for things for her to photograph. We have a photography book that just came out, called Something to Hold. So we're always looking for photographs for Mimi. We come to a skidding halt when we find some marvelous thing to photograph. We look for the picturesque view, the poetic moment. I think because my schedule is so hectic, and L.A. is so beautiful, I'm not a big shopper. I'm more a person who likes to go to the museums.

Which museums? I love to go to the Museum of Contemporary Art. I love to go to little exhibitions, like Bergamot Station off Santa Monica. I really love that. They show really interesting artists. I just went down there because I collect [the work of] an artist named Hunts Boneham, and he had a show down there that was just great. We love to go to the Getty Museum, which is just amazing, both inside and out. And it has two restaurants in it, and it's just fantastic. The food is fabulous up there, and the view is amazing. And the shows. Because there are always like four different shows going on, and there is always a photographic show that is just mind-blowing. We love to go there.

What's your favorite spot for a romantic dinner? I really love the place I went to the other night, the Tower Bar in the Sunset Tower Hotel. We went there just after we saw the screening of Basic. The mâitre d', Dimitri [Dimitrov], was so lovely. We had a marvelous meal, and the atmosphere is so nice, and the booths are so comfortable because they're beige suede. And the whole restaurant is kind of beige and gentle with a spectacular view and great ambience. It's beautiful, and the restaurant has a fireplace. Six nights a week, the Tower Bar has a piano player.

Is there a nightlife place that epitomizes L.A. for you? What's that place that has the bar on the roof? The Sky Bar. People go there and have drinks at night and walk around with really high heels by the pool and wear a lot of makeup and tight dresses­ and pretend that they really don't want anyone to look at them but would kill themselves and fall in the pool to make sure that someone did. It's really funny and great, and people often go there for parties after movie premieres.

Would Basic Instinct's Catherine Tramell go to the Sky Bar? Oh, my God, don't you think Catherine Tramell would go there? I would think she would definitely go there.

What's the greatest Los Angeles spa? I love this place called Beverly Hot Springs. I love to go with a girlfriend for the day, because it's a real hot spring. You go into the bowels of this building, and it's really bubbling out of the ground. You get a locker, you take off your clothes, you sit in the hot springs, and it's as hot as the temperature of the spring that day. They have a cold plunge pool, which can be a heck of a shock. And you go in and out between the two until it's time for you to go in for, well, I sign up for a full scrub. And they scrub you like you're a farm animal. They don't scrub you like, "This is a lovely day at a Beverly Hills spa." They throw you on a table, they use a brush, and they scrub you head to toe. They flop you over on the table, and they just use bowls out of a big bucket of the hot spring water and they throw the bowls of hot water over you, which I think is marvelous. Then, they scrub you with cucumbers that they grate right there and actual milk. They just throw the cucumbers on you, and the milk, and they do you head to toe. They wash your hair. They scrub your face. And then they stand you up and hose you down with the hot spring, and you are so clean. One layer of skin just ripped right off. And then you go back into the hot spring and soak. I get a massage on the table, too, a major pounding, and then I sit in the spa. I also get an acupressure massage from the Asian men downstairs, who actually get up on the table and walk on you. I mean, you have to be into it. It's not for sissies. But when you leave, you're completely done. You're loo­fahed head to toe, you're as clean as you can possibly be, and you are relaxed. I'm mad about it.

Then you're ready for some exercise, right? I love to golf. It depends on where I get invited. My favorite is the Bel-Air Country Club. It's just beyond belief. But also, depending on whether I have a very short day, I might go over to Whitsitt, which is the street that it's on, to the par three. It's a public course, and it's just lovely. So charming. But another­ favorite thing for me, because sports are my big thing, I love to hit baseballs. I go out to the Castle on Sepulveda Boulevard to the batting cages. I like to hit hardballs. I think it starts at 40 miles an hour, but it goes up to 70-mile-an-hour baseballs. That's my thing. I hit 70 miles an hour.

Are people shocked to see Sharon Stone in a batting cage, swinging away at a 70 mph pitch? When I take off my hat and turn around, they're really shocked to see a gal my age, and when I walk out they're like, Oh, my God, it's her! And then they're very shocked that I'm hitting the burners.