"The Petersen Automotive Museum is right on Wilshire Boulevard on Museum Row, which also has a lot of other museums. My favorite is the Automotive Museum because it has three floors devoted to nothing but cars. There are probably 150 different vehicles on display. There are galleries with hot rods, Hollywood celebrity cars, and motorcycles. It also has a low-riders exhibit. The third floor has an exhibit that shows kids how a car works, with a Model T Ford that the kids can sit in."

"The first day I got to L.A., I just rolled around in my Mercedes, looking at the beautiful women on Sunset Boulevard. I like to drive Sunset on Friday and Saturday nights because you see all kinds of cars. I start on Sunset and Beverly Glen and take it to La Brea and come back up on the 101. Along the way, you can stop at Sunset Plaza, where everybody sits outside watching everybody else roll by. Or you can stop at Book Soup, the great bookstore, or Tower Records, which has all types of music. I love driving up Sunset. I pass people. I pass cars. I pass the billboards of all the new movies. I also love to ride around and just look at houses in Beverly Park and Bel Air."

"L'Orangerie is my favorite fancy restaurant in L.A. It's French, and one of the few places in L.A. where I have to wear a jacket. It's required. It's a real friendly place and the food is incredible. Chef Ludovic Lefebvre either makes me the whole roasted chicken with mashed potatoes that he created especially for me, or this huge, three-pound, roasted prime rib, which normally feeds two people. He serves it with some kind of sauce - bordelaise, I think. For dessert, I usually order the apple tart or the chocolate soufflé. Or if I'm really hungry, I'll order both."