SANTA:  It won't. Oh, I've been irritable, so there may be a few more names than usual on the Naughty list. But I just got a new GPS; I'm ready to go.

AW: A GPS? I thought you just went everywhere, like magic.
SANTA: The new system's been a lifesaver. I can't tell you how lost we used to get. [He grabs a small monitor.] Here, check this out. It not only tells me the way, but it also helps me avoid airline traffic. Oh, and it's got Bluetooth, so I can check in with Mrs. Claus while I'm driving. I just love it.

AW: I understand your new place is environmentally sensitive.
SANTA: Yep. Wind-powered electricity. Bamboo floors. Ergonomic workstations run on vegetable oil for the elves. I like to think of it as Santa's Green Workshop.

AW: Why?
SANTA:  Well, I can either do nothing - just hope that things get better and end up with water at my doorstep again in another few years - or I can do what I can to help reverse the situation. The way I look at it, building a more environmentally sensitive place is a Christmas gift to myself.

Mrs. Claus walks into the room, carrying a tray of cookies.

"I brought you a little treat, dear," she says. "Then you really ought to get back to work." "You're right," he replies, reaching for a sugar cookie.
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