For on-site mending and repairs, each Self Edge store — such as this homey one in San Francisco — is equipped with a 1950s Singer darning machine.
As every guy knows, finding the perfect pair of jeans is no small task. Thankfully, there’s a store that not only understands your plight but helps resolve it. SELF EDGE is a casual-menswear retailer specializing in top-quality denim, specifically Japanese imports and other exclusive brands — like Tokyo’s Dry Bones (inspired by 1950s rock) and Oakland, Calif.–based Roy Denim — that are nearly impossible to find elsewhere. Founded in 2006 by San Francisco Bay Area husband-and-wife team Kiya Babzani and Demitra Georgopoulos Babzani, the company now boasts four brick-and-mortar locations (San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles and Portland, Ore.) and has garnered a cult following as the ultimate denim source. Want a pair of jeans with selvage lines made of metallic red silk or rivets created from sterling silver? You’ll find them here. Self Edge also carries approximately 45 styles of un-Sanforized denim. I.e., jeans not sprayed with any chemicals, solvents or water and that shrink to your body, allowing for a stellar fit.

Along with its denim collection, Self Edge also features a selection of shirts, leather accessories and jewelry (some even designed in-house). Still, it’s those fine pairs of rugged cotton twill that the company’s most passionate about. In fact, not only are all staff members thoroughly trained in denim repairs, they’re knowledgeable in everything from where the cotton was picked for a particular pair of jeans to the reasons the fabric is woven using a vintage loom. One final perk: Hemming and repairs (such as mending holes without using patches) are offered on-site at all four locations. Each store has both a 1950s Singer darning machine and a Union Special chain-stitching machine to recreate classic finishes. Talk about tailor-made.