With laptops now a must for millions of business travelers, notebook toters are snapping up some ingenious accessories and security devices. Here’s one that will keep you cool, and two that will keep you safe.

PROS: Quiet nylon blades shoot you a breeze without disturbing those around you. Works with PCs and Macs.
CONS: Plugged into your laptop’s USB port, the fan needs several inches of clearance; could make for a tight in-flight tray table. But hey, it’ll make your seatmates jealous.
BOTTOM LINE: If you travel a lot, especially in warm weather, the FlyFan cuts down on the sweat factor.
MORE INFO: www.kensington.com
PC PHONEHOME, $30 a year for PC or Mac
PROS: Each time your laptop connects to the Internet, PhoneHome sends a secret message containing the user’s ISP and phone number to an e-mail address set by the owner.
CONS: If the crook skips the Web and heads straight for the pawnshop, recovery could take a while.
BOTTOM LINE: Provides a digital trail to catch a thief. Tamper-proof, too.
MORE INFO: www.pcphonehome.com
PROS: Motion sensor triggers an alarm if laptop is moved beyond preset distance. System even arms itself automatically.
CONS: Computer-savvy thieves can eject the PC card, killing the alarm.
BOTTOM LINE: Smart security solution.
MORE INFO:www.caveo.com