"Seattle's best French restaurant is Le Pichet. Great food and really good atmosphere. For fish, there's the well-named Flying Fish, which has just about everything that swims. Then there's McCormick's Fish House, the first restaurant of what has become a coast-to-coast chain, McCormick and Schmick's. Wild Ginger is the pioneer for Pan-Asian in Seattle. The restaurant with the best view, as well as great seafood, is Ray's Boathouse. You can see everything from Puget Sound to the Olympic Mountains. Go for sunset and stay through dinner."

Where should we stop for a cocktail or two?
"There's a good place called The Pink Door where I used to hang out. It has a pink door and a lot of character. It has lighting that kind of made everyone look a little bit mysterious. Maybe they were just a little tipsy on the martinis, I don't know. There's just something about the place. Also, if you go down to Pioneer Square, you can't go wrong."

Isn't Pioneer Square where the whole microbrew thing got started?
"Microbreweries are all over town. Pyramid is a great alehouse. I'm not really a drinker anymore, but there was always a lot of diversity and there were always these great choices. It's a good feeling that someone actually made this and that you can see the vats behind the glass in the establishment. It's not just going to come out of a can or a bottle or whatever. There's one I like called Ballard Bitter. But it's also fun to sort of sample."

What should every visitor know about Seattle?
"That there's fantastic theater there, places like the Seattle Repertory Theatre and the Intiman Theatre. The 5th