"Every Labor Day, Seattle hosts an event called Bumbershoot. A bumbershoot is a short umbrella, and Bumbershoot is a big festival of food and art and music. It's just grown and grown. It's a great way for you to stroll around on the grounds of Seattle Center and take in some culture and see some fun stuff, buy handicrafts, or what have you."

Seattle is also known for its coffee, isn't it?
"You can't turn a corner in Seattle without finding a place to get a cup of coffee. And that's a good thing. Because people get jittery in so-called rainy weather, which I already told you we don't have a lot of. People want a cup of coffee. When I was a student, Starbucks was sort of a shunned thing. We chose to support the local bean burners and independent coffee shops. Not that Starbucks doesn't make a decent cup of coffee. The original Starbucks opened in 1971 in the Pike Market, and it's still there."

Where do you like to shop?
"REI. They used to have just this old warehouse full of gear that they sold. Then they built this big, amazing complex where you can go and actually test the gear. It's a great place to get everything from wax-tip matches to a sleeping bag that you can nail to a frozen waterfall and sleep in overnight. You know, bear repellent or whatever. Or, you can just kick around and buy a cheap pair of wool socks."

Speaking of clothes, what should ALL Seattle visitors know before they pack?
"Dress in layers. Just as people change their minds, the weather changes its mind."

Where would you eat for a special occasion?