"You can't get a bad meal, really. I mean, it's a foodie town. Just as good as New York. And the best seafood. If it swims, they've got it. If you can dig it up out of the sand, they can cook it for you. Shuckers is a good oyster house. I like that place. They have chalkboard specials every day, and the waiters know a lot about what they sell and what's fresh. Everything is right there packed on crushed ice. You can see what you're getting."

What are the sights no Seattle visitor should miss?
"Clearly Pike Market. We talked about that. And the Space Needle. You've got to do it once or twice. Usually the tourists go, but if you're going to live in Seattle, you know, be in Seattle. You've got to be able to say, 'I've been to the top of the Needle' at least once. Like the people in California who never go to Disneyland. There's an amusement park at the bottom of the Needle. I think it was opened in '67 for the World's Fair."

Where do you always go when you return to the city?
"I like to just drive around the old neighborhoods I used to live in. Like Capitol Hill, where I went to college. The Capitol Hill area is quite a diverse community. The main strip would be Broadway Avenue East, which houses restaurants, boutiques, all kinds of bookstores. It's also not too far from East Pine Street, where the Egyptian Theatre is. That's an institution. Today the Egyptian is a movie house, the nucleus of the Seattle Film Festival, which has grown in the last several years."

Seattle is famous for its music. Where can you hear some great tunes?