Attention, sonic youths …Panasonic’s SV-MP35V digital audio player rocks.
Standout features include MP3/WMA playback, an FM digital tuner, and 256MB of memory. You can channel-surf preset radio stations and record favorite programs, or use the storage space for data files like book reports. $160.

Visionary design and vicious bass collide as CD carrying cases and portable speakers become one. TDK’s I’mASpeaker units — available in mono and stereo — hold 12 and 24 discs, respectively, and feature built-in NXT flat-panel speakers. Plug a Walkman or MP3 player in and let the good times roll. $25 (mono), $35 (stereo).

Here’s an old-school accessory with a hip, modern look. The Triblob, designed by Karim Rashid for Umbra, is a snazzy backpack with pouches that reverse for additional color options. Pockets on the straps hold cellphones, CDs, and other gizmos. It’s stylish and practical, much like Umbra’s new neoprene shoulder and laptop bags. Starting at $44. (800) 387-5122,

Kids say the darnedest things. Luckily, it all comes through loud and clear on Motorola’s Talkabout T4500 two-way radios. Parents and sprouts can keep in touch within a two-mile radius. Share amusement park and neighborhood updates, or just rally the troops when dinner beckons. $30 per pair. (877) 331-6456,