A few years ago, attorney Scott Jordan routinely flew between his home in Chicago and a job in New Jersey. The commute gave him hours to ponder the multiplicity of electronic devices that burden the wired traveler.

Thus was born the Scott eVest and Jordan’s other “technology-enabled clothing,” designed with myriad pockets and compartments for carrying oodles of devices, magazines, water bottles, even ultralight laptops — without losing your sense of cool. Jordan’s newest model, the $199 eVest Three.0, sports 42 pockets, zippered compartments, and other hidey-holes when combined with its zip-in fleece vest ($129). It’s the third version of this vest, one of 18 products in Scott’s clothing line.

Jordan sells the gear on his website (, through the Neiman Marcus catalog, and at the International Spy Museum in Washington, D.C. — a testament to its popularity among law enforcement folk.

He won’t talk dollar figures, but he expects year-over-year revenues to grow by about 250 percent in 2003. Next year, he’ll bring out a full-techie sport coat and a medical lab coat. “Doctors are carrying more gear than ever,” Jordan says, “but those white coats haven’t changed in 100 years.”