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As Scott Foley joins in the vampire craze, he says it’s fun to be bad.

Good news for Felicity fans in need of a Noel Crane fix: Scott Foley is joining the cast of True Blood for the show’s fifth season. Since his breakout part on the beloved WB series, Foley, 39, has kept busy on both the big screen (Scream 3) and the small (The Unit, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy). Here, he fills us in on his edgy new gig.

American Way: Give us the scoop on your True Blood role.
Scott Foley: I play Terry Bellefleur’s commanding officer from Iraq. Something happened when we were over there that caused the post-traumatic stress disorder that Terry has, and I may have been the cause for it. This was an interesting role for me to play. I usually play the good guy, but he has a little bit of that dangerous edge.

AW: Were you into the whole vampire trend before you got the part?
SF: I’ve never been a science-fiction guy. But that said, people freak out about this show, and I’ve now seen enough episodes and I know the characters to know that there is something really sexy about vampires. I never got it before, but … they have to give hickeys to live!

AW: The cast is certainly a sexy one.
SF: Tell me about it! I showed up my first day, having seen pictures of the cast. One guy came in, and I was taller than him, and I was like, “Oh, no problem.” Then this other guy came in, and I had bigger arms, so I was like, “Oh, I got this.” And then that dude, Joe Manganiello, walked onto the set. I mean, what can I do? I give up! I can’t do anything! I can’t be Photoshopped to look like that!

AW: Felicity was so beloved by fans. Looking back, what’s your own perspective on the experience?
SF: It was such a great, honest show, and they don’t make shows like that anymore. I haven’t had that much fun with a group of people since then. I mean, The Unit was great, but it was a bunch of guys, so we didn’t have the girls around to impress.