Flying with sports gear doesn’t have to be an exercise in frustration. Manufacturers have wised up and are designing products that fold or deflate into airplane-friendly dimensions. We rounded up five of this summer’s best travel-ready sports gear, proving that you needn’t give up your game just because you’re traveling.


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1-Dahon Fuego
Most folding bikes are designs in compromise. Not Dahon’s Fuego, which boasts more than four inches of front and rear suspension and tackles tough trails with all the aplomb of a bike that doesn’t bend in half at your whim. Or, hopefully, for any other reason. $2,300.

2-Decathlon 2-Second Tent
Okay, so Decathlon’s 2-Second Tent isn’t designed specifically for air travel. But it does fold, and it’s really, really cool: Just give it a toss, count to two, and you’re ready to slumber. Anyone who’s spent an hour fumbling with a traditional tent at a pitch-black campsite will appreciate this feature. Come to think of it, so will everyone else. $69.

3-Bic Sport Yakka Kayak
Historically, flying with a kayak has been possible only for those with keys to a private jet. But Bic Sport’s new semirigid, inflatable Yakka kayak makes it possible for the 99.9999 percent of us who don’t have a plane parked in the driveway. $599.

4-Surfster J-Bay Inflatable Body Board
Body boards don’t usually qualify for carry-on status, but Surfster’s inflatable J-Bay folds up small enough to fit easily in the overhead. Once you hit the beach, pop out the included hand pump to quickly reinflate the J-Bay to its ready-for-fun condition. $90.

5-Scott Fibertouch Collapsible Fly Rod
Responding to the requests of backpackers looking for a pack-friendly fly rod to take into the backcountry, Scott developed the F Series collapsible rods. Handcrafted in Montrose, Colorado, the Scott Fibertouch breaks down into three pieces and comes in a protective aluminum travel tube, so you can make fish tremble wherever you may roam. $475.