where to go: check out small movie houses like cine el biógrafo (011-56-2-633-4435) or espaciocal (011-56-2-246-1562) to see films by famous chilean directors. when it comes to nightlife, kilomètre 11680 (011-56-2-777-0410) has an impressive selection of chilean and european wines, and gives tastings on request. la cava del rio (011-56-2-218-0187) is a european-style wine bar from well-known chilean winemaker pablo morandé. chic tantra lounge (011-56-2-732-3268) is the nightspot. flannery’s irish
geo pub
(011-56-2-233-6675), owned by an honest-to-goodness irishman, offers irish beer, ale, and stout. —