Classic flip.

If  you’re the queen of overpacking, then rejoice, because Sseko’s multistyle sandal is the perfect solution. Composed of leather soles and interchangeable fabric straps that can be tied a number of ways (and are available in a variety of textures and patterns), the sandals are designed for ultimate versatility. For a night out, grab the shiny gold straps and tie them gladiator style. For a beach day, try some light-blue straps tied into flip-flops. You can even throw on one of Sseko’s sandal “accessories” — metallic or beaded accents — for added flair. The options are limited only by your creativity. Added bonus: The sandals are handmade in Uganda by women earning their way toward a college education, so Sseko’s socially conscious business model will ensure you feel no buyer’s remorse. $49 to $55,