buy the best glasses you can. a thin, rimless glass or crystal will improve the taste of the wine. for the extreme hobbyist, glasses have been developed with different shapes for every type of wine, designed to promote or mask certain characteristics.

suit the wine and the wine service to the occasion. a simple picnic calls for a simple wine and jelly glasses. an important anniversary calls for the best wine and fine crystal. the same goes with food. simple robust foods, like burgers, stews, and cassoulet, should be matched with robust, hearty wines, while dover sole with lemon butter should be paired with a delicate wine. match your wine to the dish as you would match a sauce. a fruity, peach-flavored wine goes with pepper steak no more than a big, bold cabernet sauvignon goes with chicken veronique. use common sense — and, if needed, a little advice from your wine salesman. —