"It's fun to go to the Palace of Fine Arts (above). The Palace of Fine Arts was actually built for the Panama-Pacific International Exposition, which was in 1915. We used to always go to the Exploratorium, which is this huge hall full of science experiments that kids can do themselves. They've got this really cool thing called the Tactile Dome, this huge dome that's pitch black. You crawl in and sort of feel your way through. It's not for the claustrophobic, but it's really cool. There's also the Oakland Museum, which is my favorite museum in the world. They've got a great California history section. I used to be obsessed with the Oakland Museum."

"Ghirardelli Square is a great place to shop. It's the old chocolate and spice factory of Domingo Ghirardelli that's now a mall full of really great little shops. It's fun to bum around there. Berkeley is famous for the bookstores up on Telegraph: Shakespeare & Co., Cody's Books, Moe's Books. They have books stacked all the way to the ceiling. Also on Telegraph are Rasputin's Music and Amoeba Music, where they still sell vinyl, but they've got a lot of new and used CDs and music that's difficult to find. They're the originals. When I was a baby, my father was a street artist in Ghirardelli Square. Now he's a furniture builder with a showroom in Emeryville called Jaap Romijn & Friends. He's a real artist and kind of a local celebrity. Whenever we go out, people recognize him more than they recognize me."