"I love everything along the water in San Francisco: Pier 39, Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli Square, and then at the end, the Palace of Fine Arts. At Fisherman's Wharf, you can have fresh seafood. The Boudin Bakery there has sourdough bread. You can get a big, round loaf and they'll scoop out the inside and fill it with clam chowder. It's fun to visit Pier 39, where there are a lot of great shops. You can hang out there and have coffee and watch the sea lions lying around on all the planks down below. Golden Gate Park is huge. You can row your boat on the lakes; go tandem bike riding; visit the Japanese botanical gardens, which are beautiful; and then go to the amazing Steinhart Aquarium. They have a tide pool where you can pick up starfish and touch the dif-ferent little creatures. Golden Gate Park also has a planetarium, where they have laser shows set to different types of music - classical, Pink Floyd."

"If I could only eat one thing, it would have to be the barbecued chicken from Magnani Poultry in Berkeley. They have a secret marinade recipe that's really great. Everybody in the East Bay gets their chicken from Magnani. They also have different kinds of chicken sausages and amazing ribs - all takeout. I used to work there, cutting up the chickens. It was my first job, actually, but they fired me because I used to steal a chicken every day for lunch. I still go there every time I'm back. If you want to eat inside somewhere, go to Bette's Ocean-view Diner on Fourth Street. It's real basic diner food, great environment, great atmosphere, great coffee."