Did you find that one, or did ­Reese find it?
Reese found that one. Then, there's House of Nanking, which is alittle Chinese joint across from Francis Ford Coppola's building,where they have the American Zoetrope offices. It's this littleChinese kind of roadhouse, nothing fancy. It's sort of get you inand get you out. There's always a line outside. There is a guythere, Peter, who sits you down and asks, "Have you been herebefore?" If you say no or yes, he says, "Let me bring you somestuff out." He brings you out four or five things, likefamily-style things. They have great seafood, of course, being inSan Francisco, and delicious teriyaki and stir-fries. And Peterdoes this strange thing where he brings you the rice last, so youdon't get filled up on rice. He is very particular about not givingyou too much food, which seems to be the opposite of what you wouldexpect. It's important for him that you don't get too much food,that no food goes to waste, which I thought was a very classy sortof thing. They have great dumplings; it's fantastic if you wantgreat Chinese food. It is the place to go to in San Francisco, ifyou want the down and dirty.

You know your food …
There is Cafe Jacqueline, which is a soufflé place - it's allsoufflés. Anthony Edwards took me there. You sit down and they haveeverything. It takes an hour to two hours to have your dinner. It'sa nice long meal. They bring three or four soufflés out. We had asorrel-and-Gruyère soufflé, a Gruyère-and-garlic soufflé, and thena crabmeat soufflé. We also had a lemon soufflé and a chocolatesoufflé for the end. It is the kind of place where you have to getyour arteries checked afterward. There's Rose Pistola in NorthBeach; it's just fantastic. It's an open-grill, open-kitchen­place. They have a wood-burning­ stove and then two hugewood-burning grills. It has a real Mediterranean flare to it. Theycook most of everything on those grills, except for soups andwhatever they have to fry. It is just exquisite. They have agoat-cheese bruschetta that is incredible. They have a rabbit stewthat is incredible. Fresh sardines cooked on the grill, fresh squidcooked on the grill. It's a little more casual than Quince or theRitz. Another great place we went to is the Slanted Door. It's ahuge place, maybe 20-foot ceilings, very modern and Asian. It has areally clean, austere decor, which makes you focus more on thefood. We had great duck there. That was an amazing place toeat.

When you're sitting alone, reading your lines in arestaurant, do people recognize you?
Sometimes. There is a great vegetarian place at the Savoy Hotel,downstairs. It's called Millennium, on Geary. It's a veganrestaurant. I was sitting there at the bar, having dinner. Icouldn't get a table. I had a vegetarian jambalaya with vegetariandirty rice and a vegan ­sausage. San Franciscans are really nice. Iwas sitting at the bar and started taking to a couple. I was bymyself again, working on my lines. They must have thought I wascrazy, sitting there talking to myself. They were like, "Oh, you'regetting that - we had that. What are you doing? Are you from out oftown? Well, we live here, let me tell you about this place … "After a while, they asked me what I did. They had seen EternalSunshine of the Spotless Mind, and they were like, "You've gottatry this place and this place." This is kind of how I find my way.I go to all these different places, and I will find a local thereand have them hook me up.

Tell me what you discovered on your last visit, playing acop chasing a serial killer.
We stayed at the Hilton for [the Fincher film] - that's by UnionSquare, right on the edge of the Tenderloin - and I would just headout. I had a good time just sort of wandering. It's a great placeto just walk around. The couple at the bar at the Savoy are theones who told me about this breakfast place, Dottie's True BlueCafe.