"We love the Del Mar racetrack. It's sort of like Las Vegas: It's become more family friendly. The kids love to watch the horses and pick out the ones they want to bet on. The Del Mar has places for the kids to play, and there's lots of food to keep the kids entertained and fed. It's a fun day out for everybody."

"My husband is up for San Diego as long as he and I can have a dinner together. They have Vivace, a great Italian restaurant at the Four Seasons Aviara. You can always count on the food there. For Mexican, you can either go fancy at Candelas, which has good Mexican-style seafood dishes, or more traditional at Casa De Bandini, located in a historic building in the Old Town section."


"California Cuisine is one of San Diego's best contemporary restaurants. It's casual, locals love it, and it has great food."

"The Wild Animal Park is exactly that. The animals are just running free. It's a little bit of a drive, but it's really great because you get to see all the animals in their natural habitat. There are lions and gorillas and things like that. You can either take these open-air trucks or an individual jeep for a private tour. And you can get pretty close. If you want more of a beach day, go to Mission Bay, which is endless beaches and boating. SeaWorld is in Mission Bay. They have the shows with the dolphins and all the aquariums with the animals. There's also a huge water park in the middle of it, where the kids have a great time."

"Up and down the coast, there's a chain of 21 beautiful missions. But the first one is in San Diego, called Mission San Diego de Alcala. You probably only need to stop at a couple. After a while, they start to look the same. But they're really great."