As we made our way down the island and back, we stopped when we were hungry and the place looked good. Sometimes in such circumstances, you enter the gates of culinary hell. But we got lucky. We sampled an incredible she-crab soup at a friendly little non-descript eatery in Nags Head, devoured a phenomenal breakfast of homemade fish cakes, salty country ham, grits, and eggs at an inn on Ocracoke, at the southern tip, and enjoyed a good bowl of Outer Banks-style clear-broth chowder at a roadside seafood shack outside of Cape Hatteras.

In a way, the bad weather liberated us. It freed us to take the full measure of the island rather than just hang out around our small plot of rented property, as is customary on beach vacations.

And it taught us something. Something about attitude. Something about flexibility. Something about turning a negative into a positive. And that something was this: Sure, you’d rather go swimming. Of course, you’d prefer to be parasailing. But look at it this way: Rain at the beach means never having to fret over how you look in your bathing suit.