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We love letters. Maybe it's because our grandmas always used to tape a quarter to our birthday cards when we were little, and we now have this Pavlovian thing going on. Regardless, we want to hear from you. Sing our praises, bust our chops, or just tell us what's on your mind. Send it to editor@americanwaymag.com.

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Ron Cowell is this issue's winner of our Favorite Letter Giveaway. Want a chance to win something? Write us a letter!

In our July 1 issue, Ron Cowell wrote to us to point out that editor Sherri Burns's "Editor's Note" gives readers the chance to keep track of Burns's so-called "personal stream of (un)consciousness." Cowell's bold observations made him the ­winner of our Favorite Letter Giveaway. Ron's going to get a Griffin iFill (www.griffintechnology.com), which lets you transfer streaming audio to any iPod, so you can take your music on the road. Want to win something yourself? Drop us a line sometime.


I read American Way on a flight from San Juan to Miami. Having just disembarked from a weeklong, lovely, busy cruise, I found myself falling asleep ... not because the magazine was uninteresting but because I needed rest from my vacation. So, I brought the magazine home to finish reading when I was well rested! It was great, easy to read, interesting, and informative. I look forward to another issue on my next flight. I saved the Sudoku puzzles for a future challenge ... my brain was not up for that, as it was still swimming in the Caribbean Sea!

Judy Day, Miami, Florida

Dear Judy: We're still swimming in the praise you so kindly heaped upon us. Do you publish a magazine, by any chance? We'd love to take it on our next vacation.