Robin Williams is on a roll. After starring in Insomnia (released in June), he takes another dark turn in the film One Hour Photo, where he plays a photo developer obsessed with a family that brings film to his shop. While there are other mentionable characters, this is really a one-man show and Williams runs it with ease.

On a lighter note, check out Serving Sara. Elizabeth Hurley plays a woman who is served divorce papers and makes an offer to her process server (Matthew Perry) that will even the score with her husband. Or try The Adventures of Pluto Nash, which is set on the moon in the year 2087. Starring Eddie Murphy as the title character whose nightclub is wanted by the local mob, the film follows the zany characters and plots that surround Pluto’s daily life. The film has an all-star cast that includes Randy Quaid, Jay Mohr, Peter Boyle, and John Cleese.