Make a Name for Yourself
By Robin Fisher Roffer, Broadway, $23.95

Robin Fisher Roffer does not want to be known as the Sweepstakes Queen of Cable. So why does the ex-marketer for Turner Broadcasting start her book on personal brand-building by recalling the time she was introduced with that label? To show that if you don’t brand yourself, somebody else will. Roffer uses tools she might employ to analyze a network brand to describe and explain the personal brands of Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart, among others. Next, she outlines eight steps to build your own personal brand. By the end, you may not rival Oprah or Martha, but you won’t have to settle for Sweepstakes Queen, either.

It’s Not Business, It’s Personal
By Ronna Lichtenberg, Hyperion, $23.95

Who you know — and what you do with those relationships — determines how well you do at work, says management consultant and author (Work Would Be Great if It Weren’t for the People) Ronna Lichtenberg.

Dotcom Divas: E-Business Insights From The Visionary Women Founders of 20 Net Ventures
By Elizabeth Carlassare, McGraw-Hill, $21.95

Elizabeth Carlassare’s study of 23 Internet prima donnas is only slightly marred by the fact that many have since been turned into entrepreneurial understudies by the dot-com stock price collapse. —