Test your knowledge of three Hollywood icons by taking a page from their recently released memoirs. By Kristin Baird Rattini

OVER THE COURSE of a half century in Hollywood, Christopher Plummer, George Hamilton, and Robert Wagner portrayed people such as Captain von Trapp, Evel Knievel, and Jesse James, respectively. The roles they played differed greatly, but the actors shared a good deal, too -- from costars to friends to girlfriends.

That’s just a taste of what readers will discover in the newly released memoirs of these three Hollywood legends. We enjoyed a sneak preview of Plummer’s In Spite of Myself: A Memoir (Knopf, $37), Hamilton’s Don’t Mind if I Do (Touchstone Books, $26), and Wagner’s Pieces of My Heart: A Life (Harper Entertainment, $26). Match each star to his offscreen exploits.


A. Married Natalie Wood -- twice G. At 22, entered into a four-year relationship with 45-year-old Barbara Stanwyck
B. Describes former lover Elizabeth Taylor as “a three-ring circus”H. Was urged to leave Venezuela after courting the president’s secret mistress
C. Was in a secret society with David Niven, Tyrone Power, and Gregory PeckI. Describes being with Elizabeth Taylor as “like sticking an egg beater in your brain”
D. Took bullfighting classes to impress Miss World 1955J. Exchanged Hollywood stories with Ronald Reagan at White House dinners
E. Dated first daughter Lynda Bird JohnsonK. Fled from lover Anita Ekberg’s apartment with an enraged Howard Hughes in pursuit
F. Binge drank for a month so that his hepatitis would flare up and disqualify him for military serviceL. Flirted with costar Natalie Wood while filming Inside Daisy Clover

Answers: Plummer – C, F, J, L; Hamilton – B, D, E, H; Wagner – A,G, I, K