Dinosaurs has six two-page spreads with primary pop-ups like the T. rex. In addition, on each page, there are three or four small pop-up booklets, each with its own diminutive treasures. In all, the book has three dozen pop-ups. A typical book can take as long as three years from conception to completion; Dinosaurs took two. "We're getting faster," Reinhart says.

Sabuda, the unseen wizard behind the magic, thinks he understands why his creations are so spellbinding.

"You, the reader, make the magic happen. You turn the page and there's this movement without bells or whistles or electricity," he says. "It fascinates everyone. I get four-year-olds and 94-year-olds at my signings. It's just a universal love."

The paper chase: a Robert Sabuda primer

The Christmas Alphabet 
Perfect for all ages, the simple white pop-ups are magic, from A for angel through K for kiss (kissing reindeer) and on to Z for a sleeping Santa.

The Night Before Christmas
Dreams dance over the heads of children in one minispread. santa's eight reindeer leap from the page. and the final spread features st. nick flying over a snow-covered village.

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
Perhaps Sabuda's most elaborate book and one for adults as much as children. A twister rises from the first fold, the land of Oz is an elaborate confection, and the foursome fly away in Oz's balloon.

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland like Oz
This comes with a lot of text and a series of pop-ups that will have you wondering, "How did he do that?" The hare, the hatter, and Alice at the tea party is a marvel.