Life is Not Work/Work is Not Life: Simple Reminders for Finding Balance in a 24-7 World
By Robert K. Johnston and J. Walker Smith, Wildcat Canyon Press, $13.95

A college theology professor and a market research guru might be an unlikely pair to collaborate successfully on a book about enjoying life. Robert K. Johnston and J. Walker Smith, however, produce harmony rather than dissonance with this collection of short essays. Topics range from how to do nothing to serious subjects like how having cancer focuses your mind. Johnston quotes Ecclesiastes and other spiritual texts, while Smith cites poll results, like the news that 23 percent of kids ages 9 to 14 would prefer to be rich and unhappy. It’s a wacky mix, but it works.

The Change Monster: The Human Forces That Fuel or Foil Corporate Transformation & Change
By Jeanie Daniel Duck, Crown, $27.50

Boston Consulting Group executive Jeanie Daniel Duck says management initiatives float or sink mostly because of the emotional attitudes of the people involved — and the social dynamics flowing between and around them.

Lunchtime Enlightenment: Modern Meditations to Free the Mind and Unleash the Spirit — at Work, at Home, and at Play
By Pragito Dove, Viking Compass, $22.95

San Francisco Bay-area businesspeople have packed therapist and stress-management counselor Pragito Dove’s “Lunchtime Enlightenment” meditation seminars since 1988. Now you can learn to open yourself to love and pick up other useful business skills without traveling to Northern California. —