Planning Your Getaway

Augusto’s Restaurant This waterfront restaurant features Italian pasta and the freshest seafood imaginable, prepared by owner and chef Augusto Ceccotti. However, for something truly unforgettable, skip the menu and just ask Ceccotti to prepare whatever he wishes. You won’t be sorry.

Bistro Le Clochard Situated in the Rif Fort (affording views of Curaçao’s famous Willemstad Harbor and picturesque downtown), this bistro offers a scrumptious fusion of French-Swiss cuisine with a twist of Caribbean flavor. Think salmon steak smoked with coffee beans and served with chimichurri.

Hemingway Beach Bar & Restaurant By day, this is the perfect spot to catch some rays while munching a burger (or fried calamari). By night, it’s the quintessential beachside watering hole.

Dolphin Academy Curaçao Learn about one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful creatures by visiting the Dolphin Academy, home to 20 coastal bottlenose dolphins. Visitors have the option of observing and/or interacting with the dolphins in spacious enclosures or via snorkeling or scuba diving in open water. Children from $50, adults from $99

Substation Curaçao Take the island’s five-person Curasub and explore the uncharted territory of the deepest reaches of the Caribbean Sea. Descending to a depth of 1,000 feet (far beyond that of a trained scuba diver), passengers see a variety of deep-water fish, an array of coral and several old shipwrecks, among other treasures. From $425

Caribbean Sunset cruise on the Pelican Express Explore Curaçao’s beautiful coastline and the colorful architecture of historic Willemstad Harbor against the backdrop of a Caribbean sunset. From $50

Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort Curaçao A secluded 27-acre resort on the south end of the island, Santa Barbara boasts an 18-hole, ocean-view Pete Dye-designed golf course; a private beach and swimming lagoon; three restaurants; and a luxurious spa with private treatment rooms featuring outdoor rain showers and personal relaxation patios. Outdoor activities include bike rentals for exploring the resort, snorkeling and scuba diving, and the Tafelberg Tennis Oasis. With so many amenities, it might be hard to want to leave the resort. But, given the options above, we recommend trying it at least once or twice. From $290 per night