Tim Glasson
Photography by Daphne Vermeulen

Third-Prize Winner

Tim Glasson
OCCUPATION: Senior Vice President, Corporate Development; AM Technical Solutions
HOME BASE: Corinth, Texas

AW: As the senior vice president of corporate development, your job includes exploring potential acquisitions. Where have you traveled in search of new business?
TIM GLASSON: Our company, AM Technical Solutions,­ performs work all over the world, so in the first 18 months I found myself all over the United States as well as Israel and Brazil. Israel was one of my favorite spots, as I saw the Holy Land up close — including a swim in the Dead Sea. In the U.S., my frequent stops are on the West Coast, as well as New York; Boston; Denver; Austin, Texas; and a few spots in Arizona and Florida. On the weekends, during my time off, I am traveling with my son, Cole, as he races stock cars/trucks in the Southeast. So that adds North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia as frequent stops.

BEST MEAL I'VE HAD ON THE ROAD: St. Elmo’s Steak House in Indianapolis (eat the shrimp cocktail)
FAVORITE HOTEL: DoubleTree; La Jolla, Calif.
COCKTAIL OF CHOICE: Peroni draft beer (when I can find it)
WORST JOB I'VE EVER HAD: Unloading trucks at UPS
BEACH OR MOUNTAINS: Beach all the way; hope to live there someday

"The fact that anyone can endure a four-week period covering five time zones, three countries and 11 different cities is the definition of a Road Warrior."

AW: You’re also an adviser for a small, Dallas-based production and marketing company. How did that come about?
TG: One of the CEOs, a good friend of mine, is a serial entrepreneur, and I had the opportunity to work with him on a number of startups and different business ventures. One of the companies he started was Frozen Fire, and among many things in their portfolio is film production. In order to work within client budgets, at times I would fill in as an extra. It helped me learn to be comfortable talking in front of strangers, and it taught me a few tricks to pass on to my son so he feels comfortable in front of a camera, as he is on [camera] much more than I these days.
AW: So you have actor on your résumé, and now, after this, model. Any other interesting career choices that we should know about?
TG: None yet. However, I hope after the quick-change I did in the middle of the photo shoot that I’m not called on by the Sports Illustrated swimsuit staff. I did learn that the sunlight showing is much more important than waiting on me to find a changing room. David [LeVan] can thank me later.
AW: Where is the one place you dream about traveling to one day?
TG: I still have a couple of continents I have not been to, so Australia is on my bucket list. Not sure I will do much swimming there, as I’m not too fond of sharks.
AW: As a father of three, what have your experiences as a Road Warrior taught you about family?
TG: To thank God each day for all the blessings we have — there are so many people and families that are living in poor conditions, suffering from ailments, and life is too often cut short. We try and instill in our kids (and grandson) the importance of giving back and being humbled by the opportunities given to us.

Photography by Daphne Vermeulen/Daphne Photography; Photo Assistant: Inge Van Altena; Styling: Anouck Goudsmit; Hair & Makeup: Franceen Denbow; Production: Marcia De Goede/Chicas Photo Productions; Fashion Courtesy DLG (www.facebook.com/dlgstores); Jewelry and Watches Courtesy Freeport Jewelers (www.freeportjewelers.com); Props Courtesy Chicas Photo Productions & SBR